Domestic Violence

At Phyllis G. Bossin & Associates, A Legal Professional Association, in Cincinnati, Ohio, our attorneys represent both victims and those accused of domestic violence in Hamilton and surrounding counties. As skilled litigators we are experienced in serving those who need to be protected from their abusers and those who have been accused of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious offense and such actions or allegations are taken seriously by this firm. Ohio defines domestic violence in one of the following ways:

  1. Knowingly causing or attempting to cause physical harm to a family or household member;
  2. Recklessly causing serious physical harm to a family or household member; OR
  3. Knowingly cause a family or household member to be in fear of imminent physical harm.

Domestic violence claims may be pursued criminally and/or civilly. The potential consequences of a criminal charge include jail, probation, anger management, inability to carry a firearm in the future, employment consequences, and/or losing the right to vote. The potential consequences of a civil claim may include eviction from household, restrictions on contact with family members including biological children, and/or effects on child custody or visitation arrangements.

Whether you are a victim or an alleged accuser of domestic violence, your lawyer from Phyllis G. Bossin & Associates will ensure that your rights are protected.

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