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Preventing International Parental Abduction

We often see clients who have concerns about allowing their children to travel internationally with the child's other parent. These concerns are particularly palpable when the other parent is not a U.S. citizen or when the children have dual citizenship. These clients are sometimes fearful that the other parent, if allowed to travel abroad with the children, may abduct the children to a foreign country and refuse to return to the United States. Courts will sometimes intervene to prohibit a parent from travelling internationally with a child to a location that is considered particularly unsafe, or if the Court determines that the risk of parental abduction is too great; however, those situations tend to be on the extreme end of the spectrum. In most cases, it is likely not realistic to expect that the other parent will be barred from all international travel with your children until they reach the age of majority, particularly if your children have family and cultural ties to other countries. That said, there are certain checks you can put in place to safeguard your children and protect against international parental abduction.

Traveling with Children During and After Divorce

Summer has arrived, and for many families, that means family vacations with your children in tow. Before buying your plane tickets and booking your hotel, there are several things you should keep in mind if you plan to travel with your children during or after a divorce:

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