Child Support

When a marriage with minor children is terminated or legal paternity is established, there will generally be an order for child support. In Ohio as in all states, there are statutory guidelines for child support. However, the child support guidelines cap at $150,000 of combined gross family income.

In cases where the combined income exceeds this amount, child support must be determined on a case-by-case basis. This involves establishing the needs of the child, which will include the lifestyle that the child has enjoyed. Even if the income falls within the guidelines, there are many factors that might cause a court to deviate upward or downward from these guidelines.

These factors might include, for example:

  • Private school tuition
  • Special medical needs
  • The parenting schedule itself
  • The cost of activities

It is critical that the evidence supporting the child support case be presented to the court in an organized and proper manner. At the Cincinnati law firm of Phyllis G. Bossin Co., L.P.A., our lawyers represent clients throughout Hamilton County and the surrounding areas.

Ohio’s child support guidelines are based upon a number of factors, including the number of children and the parents’ combined gross income. Under O.R.C. § 3119.01(B)(7), gross income includes nearly all sources of income, except benefits from “means-tested government administered programs,” veterans benefits and child support received for children from a different relationship. Union dues are deducted from gross income. Ohio is an income-shares formula state. This means that child support is calculated by examining the total family income and then apportioning the support obligation.

Parents are obligated to pay child support until their child turns 18 and finishes high school. If the child is disabled and unable to support himself or herself, the parent’s obligation may continue past the age of 18.

Careful preparation and presentation of evidence is necessary to ensure a fair and reasonable child support award. Our attorneys are highly experienced in the preparation, settlement and litigation of child support issues.

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