Cincinnati Family Law Attorneys

The law firm of Phyllis G. Bossin & Associates, A Legal Professional Association, serves clients in a broad range of family law issues, including divorce, child custody, complex financial and property issues, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, post-decree modifications and paternity.

Based in Cincinnati, our law firm serves clients in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Our attorneys are recognized for providing experienced and caring legal representation in the field of family law. Our principal, Phyllis G. Bossin, has been practicing law for more than 35 years. She is joined by attorneys Melissa Thompson Millard and Carrie R. Waide.

The law firm is committed to assisting its clients through the difficult process of terminating a marriage or other relationship as well as assisting clients in the process of entering into prenuptial or cohabitation agreements. The firm also provides extensive post-decree services as well. While the firm strives to resolve cases through negotiation whenever possible, our attorneys are also highly skilled and experienced litigators. If litigation is necessary to resolve your family law issue, you can feel comfortable placing your trust in our law firm.

The lawyers in our firm practice alternative dispute resolution. We believe in the power of collaborative law to resolve complex family law disputes. All of the attorneys in our law firm are trained in and practice collaborative family law and are members of the Collaborative Family Lawyers of Cincinnati and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. In addition to collaborative law, Ms. Bossin is a trained and certified family law arbitrator and mediator.

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All of the attorneys at Phyllis G. Bossin & Associates are licensed to practice law in Ohio. Additionally, Melissa Thompson Millard and Carrie R. Waide are licensed to practice law in Kentucky.

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