Collaborative Divorce Process

The law firm of Phyllis G. Bossin Co., L.P.A., in Cincinnati, represents clients in the collaborative law process. Our office represents individuals in Ohio in Hamilton and surrounding counties, and in northern Kentucky in Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties.

Collaborative family law is an alternative to divorce litigation. It is generally used in the context of a dissolution of marriage but in some cases, the collaborative process can commence even after a divorce has been filed, provided that the divorce proceedings are stayed. Collaborative law takes an entirely different approach to settlement than does the traditional negotiation method. Although both parties must have trained attorneys in the collaborative model, the attorneys and the parties are not engaged in an adversarial process.

The core principle of collaborative family law is a commitment to resolving all issues outside of the court model and without reference to it. The parties and their lawyers sign an agreement committing to the collaborative approach and agreeing not to file for divorce. The parties and counsel work together to develop creative options to resolve the issues, including considering options that might not be available under the court model. Freed from the constraints of the court model, the parties control the process and thus are more likely to feel satisfied with the outcome. The goal of collaborative law is cooperation without the threat of going to court.

Because the collaborative model is based upon negotiation rather than litigation, once the parties and counsel sign a collaborative agreement, if an agreement cannot be reached, both attorneys must withdraw from the case, and the parties can proceed to litigation with new counsel.

Not every case is appropriate for the collaborative model. Each case must be evaluated on its own individual circumstances. All of the attorneys at the firm have been trained in collaborative law, and each engages in the collaborative law process. We have completed many successful collaborative law cases. All of our attorneys are members of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals, as well as the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

To learn more or to set up a consultation, contact our Cincinnati office at 513-421-4420 or use our online contact form.

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